...as an Industry Leader meeting the challenge of change

Forecasts of both short-term and long-term technological advances in the 21st century indicate the rate of change may be thousands of times greater than that experienced in the last ten years. MRI/Q&A is fully prepared to adapt to these new challenges and demands with the innovational enthusiasm that has been a hallmark of its growth since 1965. As the largest company of its kind in the world with over 1000 offices and billings exceeding $700 million, MRI is uniquely positioned to implement these technologies and their emerging staffing applications.

Each year MRI completes over 45,000 placements in every major industry, at every level and for almost every major company around the world. Our 5,000 search and recruitment specialists, most with extensive experience in the industry they serve, interact in the marketplace on a daily basis. As highly specialized industry experts, they locate, screen and recommend exceptional talent, reinforcing the MRI/ client strategic partnerships.

Each staffing assignment generates challenges that call for special staffing solutions.  The following is a menu of Q&As most useful staffing tools:

Single Sourcing reduces inefficiency by working with only one recruiter. Compatibility Assessment helps clients evaluate candidate fit priority job offer.
Project Outsourcing fulfills complex or multiple placements through project teams International Staffing provides candidates and professional counseling worldwide
Advanced Technology improves client and candidate relationships through the application of Internet, Intranet, videoconferencing and IT partnership resources` Relocation Services provides value-added service that helps clients solidify candidate commitment.