...in Project Outsourcing

When you have to fill a large number of positions with similar candidate profiles, you can outsource your staffing projects to MRI Client Services. Client Services creates project teams from MRI's international network of offices to successfully fulfill large staffing assignments quickly and efficiently. Whether you need 50 sales representatives to open a regional market or 500 service representatives to introduce a new product, Client Services is equal to the task.


Project Preparation

Needs Assessment The partnership process begins with an in-depth needs analysis. Client Services project managers learn your company culture, business objectives, industry profile, competition and short- and long- term talent needs. Hiring Process Assessment Client Services thoroughly analyzes your hiring system - interviewing process, offer presentation, current problems, effective land non-effective techniques -and offers suggested methods of improving your hiring results.

Project Planning

Profile The project manager creates a profile of the ideal candidate, determining the number of anticipated openings and gaining a thorough understanding of the project details. A project team from the MRI network of offices is selected to complete the assignment. Proposal The project team outlines time frames, goals, metrics and suggests adjustments to your current recruitment process. They complete the proposal with suggested staffing solutions, the project cost and an action plan.

Project Implementation

Search/Recruitment/Hiring Using the power of the MRI network, the project team locates the most qualified individuals who fit your ideal candidate profile. Client Services continues to fine-tune the search, recruitment and hiring process during implementation. Follow-up Client Services strives to meet every deadline, achieve every goal and fulfill every commitment. They mediate and facilitate final offers and work with candidates to assure smooth transitions through the relocation phase.
Communications Strategy sessions and weekly, monthly and quarterly reports keep you informed of the status of the project. Adjustments can then be quickly made to keep the process on track.

Client Services - A Strategic Staffing Partner
By outsourcing major staffing assignments to Client Services, you can concentrate on your core competencies, while MRI's skilled staffing professionals help you identify and implement meaningful staffing strategies.