...in Technology Solutions

Historically, MRI has been the staffing industry leader in discovering and implementing new technologies that improve the quality of the search and recruitment process. Technological advances and tools must meet the following criteria:

  • Help find the right candidate for clients the first time.

  • Speed up the recruitment process.

In order to stay on top of the latest technologies, MRI has initiated a series of partnerships with companies that provide staffing tools designed to improve or accelerate the search and recruitment process. These partnerships cover a wide range of services including:

  • Job boards

  • Salary surveys

  • Certification programs

  • Training and testing

  • Media advertising

  • Assessment

  • Screening

MRI leverages these technologies to find, screen and recruit even the most passive job seekers. This allows MRI's industry-focused recruiters to draw from the widest candidate base, to accurately determine candidates' skills and acceptability and then to use their experience and training to recruit the best available talent quickly and efficiently.

MRI's website, BrilliantPeople.com, serves as a complete candidate career center by attracting the best available candidates in every industry who are accessible only to MRI recruiters. Both clients and candidates can easily and confidentially establish communications with an MRI industry specialist. BrilliantPeople.com also serves as a resource for current national hiring and workplace trends compiled twice each year by MRI.

Industry-specific Neighborhoods
In MRI's Recruiter Village, MRI recruiters working in specific niche industries use the "neighborhoods" as a dedicated link to exchange information, discuss industry related topics and help one another find their clients' ideal candidates.

MRI's 400-site videoconferencing network saves clients time and expenses by allowing them to conduct candidate interviews without unnecessary traveling to interview locations. Multiple-candidate interviews and videotapes of interviews for viewing by other staff members are two additional benefits of this technology.