Fixing the Green Line Display Issue in Phones: A Complete Guide

Seeing weird green lines suddenly appear on your smartphone display? Don’t panic – it’s a common problem with several DIY and professional solutions. This comprehensive guide covers everything from diagnosing the green line fault, understanding display technology, to temporary and permanent fix techniques.

So read on to learn how to eliminate frustrating green line display issues on your phone!


In recent years, many smartphone users have reported seeing strange green lines or bands running vertically across their phone’s display screen. This is commonly referred to as the green line issue.

These lines usually appear suddenly and for no apparent reason. They may be faint initially but get darker and more prominent over time. The green lines run vertically when the phone is held in portrait orientation.

While the lines don’t impede phone functionality, they can be quite annoying visually. The green line issue typically indicates some fault with the phone display components. Let’s understand the root causes and solutions for this problem.

Diagnosing the Green Line Issue

When you first notice the green line on your smartphone display, how do you identify whether it’s a hardware defect or software glitch? Here are some tell-tale signs:

Visible Vertical Lines

Thin green lines running top-to-bottom on the screen point to a hardware display defect.

Flickering Lines

If the lines flicker or are visible only under certain conditions, it may be a software issue.

Lines on All Screens

Hardware issues like display damage will cause lines across menus, apps, etc.

Distorted Display

If display also seems distorted or faded, likely a hardware problem.

Drops or Impacts

Physical damage makes hardware issues like broken displays more likely.

Diagnosing correctly is important before attempting fixes. Software issues may be simpler to fix initially.

Temporary Fixes

Before complex solutions, try these simple steps which sometimes resolve the green line issue temporarily:

Applying Pressure

Gently press around edges of the green line area. Lines may disappear momentarily.

Changing Screen Angle

Rotate phone to landscape mode. Lines may shift position or fade at certain angles.

Updating Display Drivers

Update graphics drivers in case a bug is causing the lines. Reinstall drivers if needed.

Factory Resetting Phone

A full factory reset may eliminate lines that stem from software glitches. Backup data first.

These quick fixes provide temporary relief in some cases of green line issue. But for a robust permanent solution, we need to dig deeper.

Understanding Display Technology

To thoroughly diagnose and fix green line issues, it helps to understand the display technology:

LCD Displays

Most phones use LCD panels. Faulty LCD drivers can cause green line issues.

AMOLED Displays

Higher-end phones use AMOLED tech. Screen damage is more common cause here.

Backlight Systems

LED backlights used. Green lines can occur due to faulty backlight LED components.

Display Drivers

Integrated circuits control screen display. Malfunction causes software-related issues like green lines.

Flex Cables

Thin flexible cables connect display panel to motherboard. Damage can disrupt connections.

Familiarity with the phone’s screen technology provides insight on where faults may arise.

Locating the Faulty Component

Once equipped with technical know-how, we can better isolate the culprit component:

Display Panel

Green lines spanning entire display indicate panel damage like cracked screens. Replace.

Display Connector

If lines appear only in certain sections, the display connector cable is likely faulty.

Display Driver IC

Distorted areas imply errors in the display driver circuits that need debugging.

Backlight LED

Dimming at green line areas points to backlight LED/wiring issues.

Accurately identifying the malfunctioning component is crucial before attempting any repair. Component-level diagnosis sets us up for success.

Professional Repair Services

For smartphone owners uncomfortable doing self-repairs, seek professional assistance:

Manufacturer Authorized Centers

Official service centers for your phone brand often fix issues reliably using original parts.

Reputable Mobile Repair Shops

Well-established independent shops have technical skills and experience to troubleshoot accurately.

Mail-in Repair Services

Reputable companies offer mail-in services to fix devices shipped to them within 3-5 days.

While pricier than DIY, professional services have the expertise and tools to efficiently resolve green line problems in phones caused by either hardware or software faults.

Self Repair Techniques

With the right technical aptitude and skills, many can fix green line issues themselves via:

Safe Disassembly

Carefully take apart the phone following online visual guides for the specific model to access display.

Examining Connections

Check display cable connections to motherboard for any looseness or damage causing lines.

Replacing Damaged Parts

Order replacement parts like display cables online and swap out the malfunctioning component.


Put the phone back together carefully. Confirm green lines are gone before normal usage.

Self repairs take patience but allow fixing issues at minimal cost if proper precautions are taken.

Preventing Future Occurrences

Here are some best practices to safeguard your phone display from green line issues:

  • Use phone cases and screen protectors to prevent physical damage to display.
  • Avoid placing heavy objects on the phone or exerting pressure on the screen.
  • Update phone software regularly to prevent bugs causing display glitches.
  • Protect phone from moisture, dust and extreme temperatures.
  • Handle phone carefully and avoid sudden impacts or drops.

With proper care and precautions, you can protect the delicate phone display from defects or damage leading to annoying issues like green lines.


In summary, green lines on your phone display likely indicate hardware or software issues with the screen that require prompt attention. Diagnose accurately, try temporary fixes first and use professional or DIY repair options for robust long-term solution. With the right technical know-how, the green line problem can be eliminated and your display restored to flawless working condition.

Carefully handling phones and using screen protectors safeguards against needing future repairs. Leverage the fixes discussed here so you no longer have to put up with those frustrating green lines cutting across your phone’s display!


Q1: Are green lines on phone a serious issue?

Green lines do not prevent the phone from functioning but are an annoyance. In rare cases, they indicate a component failure requiring repair before it worsens.

Q2: Can applying pressure permanently fix green lines?

A2: Pressure can temporarily minimize green lines but does not fix the underlying issue. Sustained pressure may actually damage the display over time.

Q3: Is the green line problem covered under warranty?

A3: If the issue arises during the warranty period with no external damage, the manufacturer will typically replace the faulty component for free.

Q4: How much does green line fix cost for phones?

A4: The cost depends on whether display/cable needs replacement but usually ranges $70-$150 at authorized service centers.

Q5: Should I disconnect battery before fixing display issues?

A5: Yes, you should always disconnect the battery to avoid getting electrical shocks before attempting any internal phone repairs.

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