How Bollywood movies make money

Who does not like to watch movies, we all watch movies in our life every day, but have you ever wondered how all these movies earn money. If this question comes in your mind that how does any Indian movies earn money, then in today’s post I am going to give you complete information about it.

Now we all go to the cinema hall to watch movies, but how does the person who has made those movies earn money. This is a very common question about which it is very important for everyone to be aware of.

Now after a movie is made, it has to go through which process through which, even after that many formalities have to be completed, then after all these processes a movie is released in the cinema hole.

All of us people of India spend a lot of money on films in the name of entertainment, when a new movie is released, we all go to watch that movie by investing a lot of money. But have you ever wondered why the movie is always released only on then the answer is this.

In our India, the day that comes after is seen as a Holiday, because of this, all the movies that are released are on the day of because there is a pinch day for all the people.

There is also a question in the minds of many people that why all the movies in India are released on Friday i.e., now I hope that you all must have come to know that why the movie is released on the day of. it occurs. So let us now understand how one earns money after making a movie.

Where do I spend money in Indian movies?

How Bollywood movies make money
How Bollywood movies make money

Before knowing how an Indian movie earns money, let us first understand where the money is spent in making a movie. Now money has to be spent in different places to make a movie, here I am telling you about the money spent roughly.

  • Location/Set 
  • Actor/Actress
  • Film Budget
  • Other Workers

Now that making a movie is largely spent on these things, it is not only that money is spent on these things, but money is spent on many other small and big things.

Now who spends all this, then the answer is the producer does all these expenses, when a film is made and released in cinema houses, then all the money goes to the producer of this movie. Because the producer has invested all the money behind this movie, it is obvious that the producer will also keep all the money.

Now when a movie is made and ready, then that movie is kept safely inside a hard disk, now the whole work here is of that producer that how that movie gets into the market.

Now if the producer has invested one hundred crores inside the movie, then he would also like his movie to earn double the money because the producer has to make his profit as well. If that movie earns less than eight crores, then that producer will be lost, so the movie is released on a special day so that people watch more and more movies and the producer’s money can be recovered quickly.

How does a movie make money?

Now the producer does the marketing for that movie, you must have seen that before any movie comes, the actor who is the actress of that movie promotes his film by visiting different TV shows. Now it comes that the producer has invested a lot of money in the movie, now how to earn that money.

If you look carefully, after making a movie, money is earned from many different sources, so now I am going to talk with you one by one about all the ways that a movie earns money.

Copyrights: Now when a movie is made, the songs contained in it earn money by selling their rights to a Caller Tune company. Only then you must have heard the caller tune on your mobile that if you would have given so much money in a month to make this song your caller tune, then money is earned by selling all these rights.

Satellite Rights: Now the movie is not released that first the satellite rights of that movie are sold. You must have seen that whenever a new movie is to be given on TV, then you are told. First of all watch this movie on our channel, on this date even a movie gets a lot of money from all these satellite rights.

Now after making a movie, the cinema does not even go to the house and their producer has recovered more than half the money. So now you can get an idea of ​​how much money a movie earns after its release on the cinema hall.

Ticket Price Revenue: If any movie earns the most money then it earns by selling its movie tickets and no longer sells movie tickets direct. Rather, they contract with all the cinema houses that 30% of the movie tickets will be kept by the cinema halls and the remaining 70% goes to the producer.

They have a separate contract with all the halls, as you must have seen that the price of tickets in a normal theater is up to Rs 200, so in all these theaters you have to pay more for the same PSR, PVR, Cineplexx.

Separate contracts are made with everyone, according to which everyone has to go, and if a movie earns very well, then the producer of that movie also comes out.

In this way, theaters keep some money on each ticket, and some money goes to the producer of that movie, so all the process works in this way. And a movie earns a lot of profit by earning a lot of money and the performance of the movie is also known.

last word

So now all of you must have understood very well that how the movies that are made earn money, in this post I have explained you in a very easy way that if you still have any question after this, then you can ask your question in our post. Do ask on the comment box below.

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