How to remove Computer Virus

Do you also search on the internet how to remove computer virus and you do not get to see any good article that you can remove the virus from your computer, then today this article is for those people whose computer has become very slow. And a virus has come on their computer.

When a virus comes in our computer, then our computer becomes very slow. If we do not remove the virus from our computer in the right way, then our computer will slowly start to crack.

Whenever we download any kind of files from the internet, many viruses are hidden inside it. Therefore, while downloading any kind of files from the Internet, a lot of attention has to be paid that your computer hangs a lot if a wrong file is downloaded.

First of all, we are going to know that where does the virus come from in our computer, because it is very important to know how the virus interacts with our computer. So that in the future we can adopt all the safe methods before doing that kind of work.

Where does the virus on the computer come from?

There are many ways to get viruses on any computer, such as if you are doing different tasks in your computer, then there is a possibility of virus coming from all those methods.

Mobile: If you always connect your mobile or any of your friend’s mobile to your computer laptop, then this is a main way from where virus comes in your computer.

Download File: If you constantly install different types of software in your computer and do not install it from its official website, then I also get virus in your computer. Why all the types of coding are done inside all the files and after all of them are installed, your program starts running.

What many people do is that whenever they want to download a software, they directly search on Google, and whatever download link they see, they download it by clicking on it. But always while downloading any software, it should be downloaded from its official website or else virus may come in your computer.

Micro Sd Card: If you insert different micro chip in your computer then all the virus inside it gets transferred to your computer.

Pen drive: If you take any kind of data in your laptop computer through any of your pen drives, then in this way all the virus of that pen drive comes on your computer.

Floppy Disk: Boot sector viruses are usually spread from infected floppy disks. In the past, these were usually bootable discs, but this is no longer the case. A floppy disk does not need to be bootable to transmit a boot sector virus. Infection can occur from any disk if it is in the drive when the computer boots up or shuts down.

How to remove Computer Virus
How to remove Computer Virus

How to remove computer virus?

By the way, there are many ways to remove virus from a computer laptop, out of which some are free and some are also paid, so on this post I am going to tell you about both the methods, which you can remove all viruses from your computer laptop. Is.

First of all, you have to download free software on your computer, after that you can clean all the viruses on your computer by running it, let’s know step by step.

Step. 1

First of all, you have to download and install Malwarebytes software on your computer or laptop, if you want, you can download and install it by clicking on the link from here.

Step. 2

Now when you have downloaded and installed this software, then you simply open this software and you will see an option by Scan Now, you can simply scan your computer.


If you want to stop the virus in your computer, you want to download any files from the internet so that the virus does not come with it on your computer, then for that you can use Paid Antivirus of any company in your computer, which From now on, all the files in your computer will be automatically scanned and downloaded.

By visiting a computer shop near you, you can put any antivirus on your computer, which will keep your computer away from viruses forever.

This type of paid antivirus is very useful, which always protects your computer, any file is first scanned by this antivirus, after that that file is downloaded to your computer. In this way you can protect your computer from viruses with the help of a paid method.

last word

So on this post I told you how to remove computer virus, I hope you will like this information very much and it must have been full of help for you. If you are facing any problem then you can ask your question with us. And if you like this information, then definitely share it on all your social media accounts so that more people can get information about how to remove computer virus because of you.

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