What is the Canadian Experience Class?

Qualified foreign workers and international students in Canada may be eligible for Fast Track – Canadian Experience Class (CEC) for permanent residency.

Launched in 2008 (part of the Express Entry System), the program has offered qualified foreign workers and international students graduating from educational institutions in Canada the opportunity to become permanent residents and eventually citizens.

Who can benefit from the CEC?

To be eligible for the CEC you must meet the criteria in three categories:

1.Reach the language levels required for your job for each language competence; write, read, listen and speak. Language tests are valid for up to two years after participating in CEC applications and must be valid on the day of submission.

2.Have at least one year of skilled work experience in Canada in the last three years prior to application. Full-time work: 30 hours per week (1,560 working hours) for 12 months. Or the equivalent in one part-time job (you can do as many part-time jobs as you need) or one full-time job in multiple jobs (30 hours per week in multiple jobs) working the equivalent of 1,560 total hours worked).

3.Worked and gained practical experience as a qualified temporary resident in Canada.

Note:- There are specific classifications required in the National Occupation Category (NOC) to qualify for CEC. The NOC system is a way for governments to classify jobs based on their job duties and the tasks people perform.

To be eligible for CEC you must have a job in NOC 0, A or B.International students who graduate from a Canadian dedicated educational institution (DLI) can apply for a post-study work permit (PGWP) after one year of authorized work.

It’s also a way to rank up in the Express Entry pool.International students must obtain immigration status from a designated educational institution to determine the level of education equivalent to a certificate, degree or diploma from a Canadian secondary or higher education institution. You can complete an assessment (ECA).

Who is not eligible for CEC?

Voluntary, unpaid interns and self-employed persons are excluded from this program. Hours of work earned as a full-time student are also not an eligibility requirement (even if they are co-op hours).

Also, you must have at least 52 weeks of work experience, as working hours do not count for more than 30 weeks. Moreover, you cannot live in Quebec. The province has its own immigration system and selects skilled workers under programs such as the Quebec Regularly Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) and the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ).

Finally, you will need to pass a medical and security clearance to prove you can enter Canada. Candidates with criminal records may not be allowed to immigrate to Canada, but they have options to overcome the criminal denial.

What are the next steps to apply?

After determining your eligibility for a CEC, you must: Create documents for your profile. This includes a passport/travel document; Language test results. Evidence of Canada Education/Educational Qualifications Assessment Report;

Regional designation (if eligible); Written job offer (if available) / proof of work experience / certificate of proficiency in a Canadian provincial commercial occupation (if available); proof of money. If you receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA),

you must respond in order to apply for permanent residency. The Canadian Experience Class provides a shortcut to permanent residency for those with experience working in Canada and is still one of the main ways to immigrate to Canada.

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