What Is The ESIC Scheme?

Referring to Indian State Employees Insurance Scheme, ESIC is a contributory health insurance scheme for day workers or workers and their families designed to help them with financial coverage during hospitalization and emergencies. related. The legal entity that operates the scheme, the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation, under the Department of Labor and Employment, authorizes employers to enroll eligible employees in the ESIC program.

Main features of ESIC

ESIC, a government-funded social security system, provides health insurance coverage for contractors or their families during work-time sickness, disability and childbirth. The plan also includes benefits for older insured persons in need of treatment and dependents of members who die as a result of an accident or occupational hazard at work.

Here is a guide to walk you through the features of ESIC.

Account for

It is the responsibility of employers in off-season factories that employ 10 workers (20 in some states) or more to enroll workers in the ESIC program.

The program applies to daily wage workers in industries, factories, transportation and construction sites, while some states have expanded the program to include shops, hotels, restaurants, newspaper companies and workers in private and medical facilities.


The employer should contribute 3.25% of the employee’s salary and the employees should contribute 0.75% of their monthly income.

The state government bears one-eighth of the cost of medical services up to a maximum of Rs 1,500 per policyholder per year. The current salary limit under the ESIC program is Rs 21,000 per month and Rs 25,000 for people with disabilities.

Collection of donations

Employers must contribute their share and deduct the eligible employee’s contributions from their paychecks. These contributions must be deposited with the company by the employer within 15 days of the last day of the calendar month. These deposits can be paid online through the ESIC portal. However, the company allows the State Bank of India (SBI) and other public sector banks to receive contributions.

Steps to open ESIC account online

An employer can register on the ESIC portal (www.esic.in) to set up an ESIC account. ESIC has developed an online mechanism through which employers and insured persons can access their ESIC account.

Employees registered with the ESIC can consult the financial statements showing their employer’s contributions and their contribution deducted from the monthly salary throughout their years of service. The portal allows employers to submit monthly dues, create temporary ID cards and create monthly dues challenges online.

Employers must take the initiative to open an ESIC account. Here is the process for:

Registration: Employers can register with ESIC by creating a new login by submitting company name, employer name, national and local offices, email id and phone number portable.

Your login details and the link will be sent to your registered email id. Submit company details: ESIC requires employers to complete a form that includes details such as unit type (factory or store/facility), license number, owner and incorporation date.

Submit employee details: All employee names, salaries, bank details, contact details, etc. must be included. After submission, an insurance number is created for each employee.

Benefits of the ESIC Program

According to the ESIC website, these are the benefits you get from the ESI diet.
medical benefits

Comprehensive medical care for the insured and their families. There is no upper limit on treatment costs.

It is extended to policyholders and their spouses with retirement and permanent disability by paying Rs.120 as an annual premium.

The benefit of the disease

70% of wages as cash compensation during sick leave for up to 91 days per year.
The insured must pay the premium for 78 days in 6 months. In the case of 34 fatal and prolonged diseases, it can be extended up to 2 years at 80% pay. The full salary for 7 to 14 days for vasectomy and tube excision is paid to the insured under sterilization for family planning. maternity allowance

Maternity allowance is paid for 26 weeks during childbirth or pregnancy. On doctor’s advice he can extend for one month at full payment rate. The insured must contribute 70 days during the previous two premium periods.

Disability benefits

Disability benefits at the rate of 90% of benefits are paid until disability continues. dependent performance

90% of the salary is paid monthly to the dependents of the insured as a result of accidents at work or occupational risks.

Other benefits

Vocational rehabilitation is offered to permanently disabled members who follow a VR training at the VRS. We provide physical rehabilitation in case of physical disabilities due to workplace injuries.

Initial Contribution Payments: Employers can pay all ESIC-enrolled employees at least six months of her contributions online. Online Balance Check: You can view the history of all contributions made to an employee’s account online.

FAQ about ESIC Scheme

Does a job change affect the employee’s insurance status?

No, change of job will not affect the status of the insured and his insurance number will remain the same. However, after registering the new employer with ESIC, members can continue to contribute to health insurance.

How do I find the nearest ESIC branch?

ESIC has listed the name and address of the regional offices or branches in each state and union territory, which can be found on the online portal.

How can I take advantage of ESIC benefits in an emergency situation?

ESIC has set up a 24/7 helpline 1800 11 3839 to respond to calls from policyholders and their families for advice and guidance in case of injury and emergencies. However, at such times the employer may be the employee’s first point of contact to get information about available funds etc.

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