What is web Hosting?

As the internet is increasing, so are the increasing internet users, people are making blog websites, now you need a hosting to do all these things.

If you also use the Internet in your daily life, then you must have heard the name of hosting, in this article I am going to explain everything about hosting to you, what is hosting, how hosting works, for what purpose we are hosting. have to buy.

If you do blogging, then it is very important for you to choose the right hosting, many new bloggers do not have an idea about hosting, due to which they do not connect their blog to any hosting address.

To create a blog or website, 2 things are needed Hosting and Domain, so in this post we are going to talk about what is hosting.

As you know from the name itself, web hosting comes in handy while creating a website, which we know by the name of hosting.

What is web Hosting?
What is web Hosting?

What is Web Hosting?

See, to create a website, you need some space, so that we know in the technical language as hosting, if you do not have hosting, then you will not be able to put content on the website.

If you create a website and whatever article post image link video you use in it, then you need a server to store all those things, that is what we know by the name of hosting.

Just as storage is given on our phone and we keep all the files stored on our mobile, in the same way you also get some storage on the website which we know by the name of hosting.

After that whatever content image video you upload on your website blog, then all that will be stored on the server of your hosting.

If you want to buy hosting then you will get many companies like Godaddy, Hostgator, Bigrock, etc. You have to buy hosting according to your blog.

If you are going to take hosting for the first time, then you will get to see 2 types of servers or hosting, the first one is what happens. Linux Hosting and the other thing that happens is Windows Hosting, so now we understand what is the difference between these two.

Linux Hosting-: Linux hosting is much cheaper hosting than a Windows hosting, most people use Linux hosting for their blog website because it is an open source.

Windows Hosting-: If your website is very big and your website gets millions of traffic then your website will need a windows hosting.

Normally whatever e-commerce website is there, all those websites use a Windows hosting because if I talk about amazon then it has millions of traffic.

How Web Hosting Works

Now before understanding what is web hosting, we have to understand a concept so that you can easily understand how a hosting works.

First of all, if you send any file or movie from your mobile to someone else’s mobile, then in this way you take the help of many types of apps like Xender, Share it etc.

So while using these apps, you turn on the hotspot of your phone and turn on Wifi on the other phone so that both your phones can be connected to each other.

As soon as you connect these two phones to each other, only then a network is formed between these two phones, through which you can transfer any file from one phone to another very easily.

So Same If you want to share any file or movie with people all over the world, then web hosting comes in handy here, now you can create network all over the world with the help of xender and share it.

So web hosting is such an online server or storage where all the networks are connected to each other. Hosting is just an online storage where we all store our files.

Just as we get some storage in our mobile, in which we store all our important files but all those files are offline.

But what this hosting is, it is always connected to the online internet, that’s why whenever we have any of our files, text, images, videos etc. If you upload it on your website, it gets saved in the online hosting storage.

Which is always online and we upload all those files on our website i.e. on our website address and any person comes to that address.

So that person knows by looking at that file or that text from which we have uploaded on the hosting of our website because that hosting is an online server and we have already uploaded that text of ours.

Now let me talk to you that what is this address, see this address means the name of your website like you are reading this post now www.Qnasearch.com so this is an address.

And this address is connected to your hosting, the hosting on which you upload any file document, any person searches your address on Google and knows from whatever file you have stored.

Now you will say that we can also call our phone’s storage as hosting, so its answer is yes, you can also call it hosting, but you cannot always keep this hosting connected to the internet.

Because to keep a hosting, high electricity power is always needed from it and electricity gets cut anytime in our India, due to which people’s website will not be able to show online.

last word

In this post, I talked to you about what is web hosting, how web hosting works, I have tried to understand you completely. I hope that after reading this post, I would have understood everything about what is web hosting, if you want to ask any question or give your opinion, then comment below so that I can understand something more and the rest. The user can also understand something

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